Living bathrooms. The Aifeel brand. Holidays are like all beautiful moments in life-they are over far too quickly.What wouldn't you give to have somewhere you could escape to for a mini break even several times a day?

  • Model: AW-1214
  • Size:1200*900*2200 mm
  • Person Capacity:1 Stand
  • Packing Weight:125 KG
  • Packing Size: 1220*920*200 mm / 2020*1520*540 mm
  • Volume: 2.32 cbm
Professional Spa Designs

Somewhere you go in order to relax, refresh yourself and just to feel good. A spa for the home where you can enjoy beneficial water and wellness treatments. A dream bathroom that, with ultimate fusion of aesthetics and practicality, makes  life a little more comfortable-and that can be as relaxing and refreshing as a mini break. 

Model Information

 Quick Details

Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name Aifeel
Model Number
Material Tempered Glass  
Function Massage
Type Steam Shower Room
Feature  Eco-friendly

Main components 

1. Back jet -----8 pcs

2. Computer control system
3. Mirror-------1 pc 4. Foot massage-----1 set
5. Glass rack----1 pc 6. Mixer-----1 set
7. Steam packet-----1set 8. Speaker-----1 pc
9. Exhaust fan-----1 pc 10. Top showerhead------1 pc
11. Top light------1 pc                 12. Movable showerhead---1 pc

13. Drainer------1 set    

15. Clothes hook----1 pc

14. PS stool------1 pc

16. Teakwood floor----1pc





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