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More Service

Our company is a professional manufacturer of portable spas since founded in 1992. We are not only offering the products to our customers, but offering our best services to our customers, which includes the OEM or ODM services, after-sales service, 24-hours on call service, door to door service and more you can imagined. Your inquiry will encourage us to have more innovation on products and passion on working. Contact us now.
John Doe

OEM/ODM service

We welcome you offer your advises on our products’ design and it is available for you to create spa mold and customize your exclusive spa here.

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After-sale service

The accessories of a spa are available to buy from our factory for your spa maintenance, pls feel free to contact us to get a complete Product Warranty.

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24-hours on call service

Sales are 24-hour on call at +8613711206645.

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Door to Door service

If you need door to door service, pls contact us and consult the detailed information about the delivery.