International Certificate

All certificates have to undergo a rigorous examination

In 2003 all products achieved Russia certificate: pocc CN.AI07.B1440.
In 2004 all products passed ISO 9001:2000 by UKAS:NO.17627.
In 2006 all products passed CE certificate, NO.U201133688012.
In 2006 our company obtained export license.
In 2007 all products passed RoHs approval.
All pumps are TUV approval, NO.AN5001638801.
In 2012 all hot tubs achieved KC certificate for Korea Market, NO.KCC-REI-G74-AMC.
In 2012 all hot tubs achieved SAA certificate for Australian market .
In 2010 control system achieved CCC approval.

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Domestic Certificate

All certificates have to undergo a rigorous examination

In 2000,Aifeel achieved Certificate of Conformity of Quality Managment System Certification issued by China International Accredition of Registrars.

In 2005 all product are achieved Quality Trustworthy Product awarded by China Light Industry Products Quality Guarantee Centre.2

In 2005 all products are achieved China Brand-Name Product awarded China BrandName Promotion Committee.

In 2005, all products are obtained the title of The National Consumer Trusts Satisfaction Brand awarded by China Association for Technical Supervision Information.

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Over 20 years production of spas and supply for different countries all over the world, we achieve a series of corresponding certificates.


Since company established in 1992, we qualified export licence and obtained certificates by passing international standard detection. We believe "quality first" and accept the certificate supervision.

Other certification

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