All Aifeel swim spas have upper swim jets to generate the surface current, and lower swim jets to keep you prone in the water.Because the swim and spa sections are not separate so you can experience the same warm water swimming as well as soothing your tired muscles.

  • Model: AMC-5800
  • Size:5800*2200*1350 mm
  • Person Capacity:2 Seatings
  • Packing Weight:1800 KG
  • Packing Size: 5920*2320*1470 mm
  • Volume: 25 cbm
Professional Spa Designs

Our new swim spa designs combine our exclusive current-lift technology with the most innovative spa massage techniques ever developed. The dual zone heating systems in AMC swim spas allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds-swimming and relaxing-in a single swim spa!

Model Information

 Quick Details

Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name Aifeel
Model Number AMC-5800 
Material Acrylic
Function Massage
Type Swim Spa
Feature  Eco-friendly

Main components

1. Acrylic tub with figerglass reinforcement    2. Stainless steel stand
3. 33 pcs stainless steel water jets; diverters, suctions,etc. 4. Plastic skirting cabinet 
5. BALBOA WN514 control system (with heater) 6. Ozone generator & mixer
7. Fork-lift base 8. 3 X 3 HP massage pumps 

9. 1 X 0.5 Hp circulation pump

10. Skimmer
11. Underwater LED light 12.  2 pcs Pillows; pipes, tubes,etc.










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