Aifeel spas combine all of our unique massage therapy innovations into a single swim spa. Powerful pumps generate a strong current, allowing you to swim in place for an exceptional workout. AMC-5000 would be you best choice to relax in four seats and exercise with powerful water flow.

  • Model: AMC-5000
  • Size:4800*2200*1300 mm
  • Person Capacity:4 Seatings
  • Packing Weight:1501 KG
  • Packing Size: 4920*2320*1420 mm
  • Volume: 20 cbm
Professional Spa Designs

Our new swim spa designs combine our exclusive current-lift technology with the most innovative spa massage techniques ever developed. The dual zone heating systems in AMC swim spas allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds-swimming and relaxing-in a single swim spa!

Model Information

 Quick Details

Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name Aifeel
Model Number AMC-5000 
Material Acrylic
Function Massage
Type Swim Spa
Feature  Eco-friendly

Main components

1. Acrylic tub with figerglass reinforcement    2. Stainless steel stand
3. 36 pcs stainless steel water jets; diverters, suctions, etc. 4. Plastic skirting cabinet 
5. USA Balboa GS514 control system(with heater) 6. Ozone generator & mixer
7. Fork-lift base 8. 3 X 3 HP massage pump

9. 1 X 0.5 HP circulation pump

10. Underwater LED light
11. Skimmer 12. Pillows and pipes, tubes,etc.











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